South Windsor Girls Lacrosse players and coaches are proud of our core values.  They are the heart of who we are and what we do.  Our core values are Competitive, Positive and Responsible (CPR).


Competitive Competitor: 


Persistent - She challenges herself and each of her teammates: fights for every ball, plays defense all over the field, and never gives up. Her play leaves no room for regrets. 

Relentless and Intense - She plays at game intensity, in games and practice.

Focused and Aggressive - She plays with an ATTACK mentality: focused and aggressive; always gives 100%, even when the end is nowhere in sight.




Opportunistic - She understands that “failure” is just the first step towards success. She loves challenges. 

Resilient - She lives in the present not the past. She does not put her head down but instead moves on. She gets herself and teammates back on track.She loves to play and be around her teammates. She knows her attitude (outward and inward) has a big impact on everything she does.



Caring - She cares about her teammates, her coaches and herself.

Reliable - She relies on and trusts her teammates, knowing communication is the key. 

Accountable - She takes someone’s (player or coach) suggestions to improve to heart.

Dependable - She sees when someone else on the team is struggling and helps her.