Lax+ is a club program designed to develop highly motivated high school and youth lacrosse players into players capable of competing at the collegiate level. LAX+ prides itself on their extensively qualified youth and high school coaching staff, who continuously challenge players both physically and mentally to strive for personal excellence. In the summer and fall, Lax+ teams travel to some of the strongest tournaments throughout New England and beyond. Click here to learn more. 



Nor'easter Lacrosse

Clarissa Clarke co-director and owner started Nor’easter Lacrosse with Laura Field seven years ago. Since it’s inception it has become one of the most highly sought after lacrosse clubs in Connecticut. Clarke and Field have tremendous connections in the lacrosse community and are able to provide consistently high quality coaches for all of their teams throughout the year. They have build a lacrosse club that is becoming one of the most widely respected both among parents and players in Connecticut, college coaches, and the whole lacrosse community. Click here to learn more.




RIP-IT has built the reputation for being the best instructional program in New England. We provide an outstanding curriculum, top notch coaches from local high schools and college programs.  Our training sessions will focus on teaching the skills, concepts and game situations that will give any player the confidence to make quality decisions on the field and ULTIMATELY prepare them to play at the next level. Loads of scrimmage opportunities in small game and full field situations ALL under the direction of professional coaches. Click here to learn more.